16th Youth Leadership Summit for Sustainable Development

Youth Voices: Summit Highlights

Maddox: “The Summit was such an amazing opportunity. I enjoyed listening to all the speakers and talk about how they have used their voices to help spread awareness about climate change and pollution. One of my favorite things was the breakout sessions where we talked about career paths we want to follow. I learned a lot and I know more about the career path I want to take.”

Alex: “I think the speakers were good, getting to know people around us and what they’re doing. I liked Lilly’s because she’s so young and still doing stuff that even when I was that young didn’t do. So that was kind of an enlightening experience.”

Eriana: “I loved this Summit so much. I enjoyed everything: the speakers, the breakout rooms, the scavenger hunt, and I liked how the speakers got straight to the point. They made us learn more about the issues. I liked making the poster and making the videos. And I liked learning overall everything, the career paths in breakout rooms. I feel like I learned a lot during this Summit.”

Rebecca: “I have to say that this Summit was probably my highlight during quarantine. I really liked that we’re able to meet every one – you all had something nice to say, and had great advice. I really liked hearing the speakers from different countries. The workshops helped us learn more information about what careers we want to pursue in the future. And I feel like personally, it helped me a lot knowing what I want to do for college.”

Weslee: “I really enjoyed this opportunity so thank you to Ms. McPherson for letting us know. I really liked the workshops and the breakout groups and learning more about our careers. Also, with the scavenger, I really got creative with the pictures going outside too because I know that we’re on the computer all day, and we got a break to go outside which I really liked.”

Emily: “I‘d have to say the speakers. I really enjoyed Lilly’s speech, especially being so young. And I also liked Michelle. I like how she was growing her career as an actress but also helping the environment at the same time. I thought that was very inspirational how she’s able to balance those two things.”

Paige: “I really enjoyed this Summit. I’ve gotten more confident with my voice and just talking in general and I really enjoyed listening to all the speakers, especially seeing how all of them have different ways or similar ways of dealing with all the problems that we have and seeing how they’re trying to make the world a better place.”