Summit 2015: Sustainable Oceans

The Institute was invited to Secretary Kerry’s Our Oceans Conference in Washington D.C., June 2014.

Our 11th Annual Youth Leadership Summit for Sustainable Development is dedicated to Oceans.

People featured in the book, Stone Soup for the World: Life-Changing Stories of Everyday Heroes serve as faculty for the Institute’s Summits.  We are honored Gandhi’s Grandson Arun will be with us for the 2015 Summit.  The Gandhi Youth Forum will be held on Sunday, June 28.

During this weeklong intensive leadership training, youth delegates (ages 15-21) envision and develop action plans to realize their dreams for building a more sustainable world.  They work alongside seasoned youth leaders who’ve transformed their lives; learn critical thinking and decision-making skills and work in teams to develop their 5-year action plans and Sustainability-In-Action Projects.   At the 2015 Summit there will be youth delegates from the islands of Martha’s Vineyard, Windward, Oahu and Waimea, Hawaii Island.  They will make presentations on “blue” sustainability initiatives in their state.   Our Island youth are future environmental policy decision makers.  By engaging youth to envision, plan and create their future, we help youth to be more hopeful and invested in their future.

Today we are here with a generation of youngsters. It’s the sweet spot in time.
Walter Cronkite’s presence is very much alive and well on Martha’s Vineyard.
It’s like a dream.  He loved the oceans and the skies above.
We have gathered knowledge that these kids can now access.
You do have the power of Walter Cronkite used so well to communicate to his fellow humans.
Dr. Sylvia Earle, upon receiving the 2014 Cronkite Award