Global Action Learning Communities

Welcome to The Global ACTION LEARNING LABS

The Institute is prototyping a global, accredited, socially networked, education platform connecting young and emerging leaders around the world.  Inspired by the Institute’s curriculum, empowered by its innovative training and technologically connected, this is online Global Action Learning Community that catalyzes thousands of projects and start-up businesses with significant social impact. If you are a Youth, Education, Community, Business Leader or interested in becoming a member, please register.  After you register we’ll send you our book, education curriculum and learning materials tailored for your needs.  We will connect you with others in our global community who are building a sustainable world

For Youth Leaders

  • VIP Invitation: 11th Youth Leadership Summit for Sustainable Development
    Join with global youth to envision your island’s future and sustainability-in-action projects.
  • Create action plans, troubleshoot challenges, collaborate and build teams to realize your dreams.
  • Be spokespersons: connected with leaders in business, government, community to develop
  • Case Study: Alex Siordia, Sustainable Hawaii Youth Leadership Initiative

For Education Leaders

  • Book: 100 heartwarming stories of everyday heroes inspire empathy, educate, empower
  • Education Curriculum: lesson plans based on stories: 29 countries and 65 communities
  • Teach character education, critical thinking skills, service learning, leadership skills;
  • Bi-lingual: social studies, civics, citizenship, multicultural and global literacy
  • Self-paced and flexible providing step-by-step instructions.
  • Action-oriented: toolbox full of practical ideas; exciting resource directing people to exciting ways to make a difference in their schools, neighborhoods and the world.
  • The Institute’s Education Curriculum Users

For Community Leaders

The Institute has a strong track record of developing public-private partnerships with business, community, government and youth to develop innovative projects:

 For Business Leaders