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Thrive Global: Caring for the Circle of Life

This week’s story on Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global showcases twelve-year-old Lilly Platt’s dream to become a famous environmentalist, which began when she learned that when you pick up one piece of plastic, you can save life of an animal. To raise awareness, Lilly started picking up litter and posting pictures on social media of the trash she had collected. Since she began, she and her friends and her community have picked up nearly 200, 000 pieces of litter.

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You're Invited to Join The Institute's Dream Campaign

The Stone Soup Leadership Institute Launches “I Have a Dream Campaign” to bring hope, inspiration & resources to multicultural youth during a pandemic era Back to School season. The Campaign commemorates the 57th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech and invites all young people to dream and work towards a better future.


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