Sustainability Curriculum Under Development: 2010-2016

The Institute is developing an educational curriculum of best practices of Island sustainability.  Islands are on the front line of climate change and economic changes affecting the sustainability issues facing our planet.

We hope you are inspired by these presentations from our Youth Leadership Summits and Youth Leadership Community Initiatives.

  1. What is the challenge?
  2. What is innovative approach (s) that is being developed in your island community?
  3. What innovations in the world addressing this challenge?
  4. How are young people involved in addressing this challenge?

The Institute’s Sustainable Leadership Certificate includes the four pillars: Environmental, Social, Economic, and Cultural Vitality.

2015 Presentations

MVYLI Emerging Leaders

  • We All Want to Make It: Isabella El-Deiry
  • My Journey as an Emerging Leader: Charlotte McCarron
  • My Leadership Journey: Mary Ollen

SHYLI Emerging Leaders

2014 Presentations

2013 Presentations

2012 Presentations