The Institute’s Summits are the foundation for our youth leadership initiatives that address the economic, environmental and social issues of the 21st century.  The Institute has developed 8 youth-community leadership initiatives and workforce development initiatives in island communities of Martha’s Vineyard, Vieques, Puerto Rico, Virgin Gorda, BVI and inner cities of Oakland, CA, Holyoke, MA, Cincinnati, and Baltimore. In 2018, The Institute was invited to work with Rhode Island.

The Institute’s comprehensive year-long program inspires, educates, and empowers young people (ages 16-22) to envision their personal, professional, community and planetary goals and develop unique five-year plans. It features the College Prep Program, Career Mentor & Job Shadow Day Program, Sustainability-In-Action Projects.  Our action oriented, solutions-based program is strategically designed to engage youth as part of the solution, which reduces brain drain and inspires them to become the champions for building a sustainable community.  Nominated by their community for their leadership potential, youth represent all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.  The Career Mentor & Job Shadow Day Program is personalized workforce development training youth in “soft skills” and real-world jobs. Through Sustainability-In-Action Projects, youth put into practice and develop leadership skills empowering them in their communities.

Youth envision a sustainable world and have developed Sustainable Vision for 2020 Reports: presented at U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s Ocean Summit (2014); and Walter Cronkite Awards Ceremony on Martha’s Vineyard (2014); to Hawaii Governor for President Obama for Climate Preparedness & Resiliency (2014); and Puerto Rico Tourism Company (2007).